Entry #1

Voting 0's

2009-02-16 03:07:01 by C4P5-10CK

What the fuck? Why would you vote 0 on every song you find and not tell the artist why? I fucking hate people who do that. Now my music can't get recognized because some dipshit thinks he's funny.


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2009-02-16 03:16:25

right i gotone of your submissions back on track, but i think cause they are mixes and not entirly composed by you, people won't vote very well. have you tried fruityloops? goodluck

(Updated ) C4P5-10CK responds:

I'm using FL Studio...

And that doesn't make any sense, because people on this site always cut up mp3's and put beats to them and they get great reviews.


2009-02-16 06:39:06

I find I get zero voted esp. when my scores get high, had two songs in the top 20 misc charts, next day they were both 0 bombed, and I can bet you money those voter/s didnt even listen to it lol, so don't fret, I reckon in most respects an "0" vote has got very little to do with the actual song, and says much more about the voters mentality/intentions, since it only takes one "0" to mess up a songs score. It took just one asshole to completely destroy thousands of lives cause he wanted to start a fire in Oz. Thank goodness the internets is serious business :P
btw, I vote you up again...:)

C4P5-10CK responds:

Heh thanks man. :P


2009-05-07 22:14:45

i spammed u some 5's ;)


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